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Fabric By the Yard

Need fabric by the yard? Fabric Selection has what you need. With an extensive online inventory of high-quality fabrics, customers can always expect to receive the best material for their next collection or individual piece. Based near Downtown Los Angeles fashion district, we are able to ship our products quickly just about anywhere. We ensure that our online catalog is up to date with our inventory all year round so you never have to guess if the retail fabric you’re looking for is in stock.

Our assortment of fabric collections sold by the yard includes a variety of materials, types, textures, and colors.

Why You Need Retail Fabric

Whether you’re a hobbyist or running a small business with limited space, quality fabric by the yard is your best choice. At Fabric Selection, we realize that many clothes makers don’t need or want extremely large quantities of fabric taking a big bite out of both their storage space and their bank accounts. Our inventory of knit, lace, woven, mesh, and bengaline fabrics are all available in the smaller quantities you want and in the wide variety you need.

Whether you’re creating matching Halloween costumes for your kids (and maybe yourself) or crafting a gorgeous summer dress or evening gown for your new business, our wide selection of retail fabric is available in various weights and textures that are perfect for any season. A great deal of time and thought goes into making any type of garment and everyone is on their own unique schedule. That’s why we always carry every type of material year-round so you create clothing for warm and cold weather on your schedule, not ours.

For selection, value, and quality that suits all of your needs, Fabric Selection is the place. Our knowledgeable representatives are available to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have.

Fabric Collections

Our fabric selection at retail falls under five categories, all made from top quality material and each one perfect for every designer’s collection. Whether you’re creating a summer maxi dress with lots of stretch or a formal blazer that is stylish yet comfortable to wear, our collections of fabrics will get the job done.

Our fabric collections include:

  • Knit Fabric
  • Lace Fabric
  • Woven Fabric
  • Mesh Fabric
  • Bengaline Fabric

Fabric Material

At Fabric Selection Inc., we know you have high expectations for your products, which is why we use materials that will look great and last. Your customers will enjoy looking stylish and feeling comfortable in pieces made from materials that feel as good as they look.

Our collections are made from the following materials:

  • Cotton Polyester
  • Rayon
  • Spandex

Fabric Types

Make sure your collections come to life with the perfect accents or patterns. Choose an embroidered fabric for soft feminine pieces or classic pinstripe print for spring and summer clothing for everyone.

Our fabric types include:

  • Embroidery
  • Print
  • Solid
  • Stripe
Fabric Texture

Picking out the right fabric texture is key to designing stunning pieces that your customers will want to purchase. When creating your collections for each season, you need access to the right fabrics all year round. That’s why we make sure we carry all types of materials all year round so that you have access to summer fabrics while you’re designing in the winter. For the warmer months, choose lighter textures such as chiffon or crepe fabrics. Velvet and Liverpool fabrics are perfect textures for creating stylish autumn and winter looks with a heavier material.


Some of our most popular fabric textures include:

  • Chambray
  • Chiffon
  • DTY Brushed
  • Ghost Crepe
  • Jacquard
  • Liverpool
  • Techno
  • Velvet
  • Wool Dobby


We are ready to help you with your fabric selection retail needs. Reach out to us today to get started on your next project by calling the number at the top of the page or visiting our contact page.