About Us

An Experienced Fabric Wholesaler

Fabric Selection Inc. is a premier wholesale retailer, supplying the best quality fabrics to designers and manufacturers in the Los Angeles area and beyond. Whether you need the common fabrics that you rely on, such as wholesale cotton and linen, or more unique fabrics to inspire your next great fashion creation, we can work with you to get you a price that will fit with your bottom line.

Order Fabrics Online

In order to start your order process, we require a minimum order of 1 yard for each roll desired. A customer service rep will then call to confirm average roll size of each item, as well as the cost. We value customer service above all else, and we know that when our clients succeed, everyone succeeds. If you'd like to explore a new supply partner to help your business grow, don't hesitate to call and see what Fabric Selection Inc. has to offer.


For more information on our Terms & Conditions, please call us at (213) 747-6297.


Shipping Policy:  Fabric Selection does not charge for shipping orders over $200.00 within the continental United States. Shipping costs for other orders will be based on the weight of the material in the order. Customers in Hawaii and Alaska who purchase fabrics totaling over $200.00 are eligible for a 50 percent discount on those weight-based shipping charges.

If materials are damaged or if part of the order is missing, customers must contact us within five days of receiving the fabric in order to correct the problem. . 

Return Policy: Please make sure you are buying the correct material before completing your purchase. We can only accept returns on fabrics that have been damaged and where we have been notified within five days of receipt. We do not accept returns for any other reason, including when customers have purchased material by mistake.